2021 Lunar New Year Series


Welcome! I am so glad you are here, embarking on this journey together. This message is to get you acquainted with the space, gain perspective on the intention of this time, and to get an idea of what to expect each day. 


With a growing interest in Astrology, and deepening awareness of how energies of the planets play into our individual and collective lives, I find it is important to become more aware of how the cosmos predict upcoming storms: it is the WHAT, not the exact HOW. It is akin to physical storms in that we know there is a hurricane approaching, but the damage ahead is yet-to-be-seen.


These times call for a level of discipline and awareness, to move forward and create with consciousness. Through the container of the Chakra system, we will gradually work from setting foundations in the first to connecting with source, spending three days on each energy center. 



First and foremost, this is a practice of building the muscle of awareness – to consciously hold attention for 21 days. This is an effort to consciously utilize the current phase we are in, get to know ourselves better, so that we can move forward with a high level of understanding of who we are, connecting to the light within, and using our individual light for collective evolution. 


Each morning, an email will arrive to your inbox to hold space for your individual journey. The exact components are currently in the works.



Before embarking on the first day, spend time considering all you did accomplish in 2020. Reflect on any patterns you notice from 2009, 1997, and 1991-1994. With Jupiter and Saturn's longer cycles, we can gain perspective by beginning to notice the way energies may have woven their way through our lives, then prepare for the future accordingly.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions you might have at this time. I look forward to sharing space with you.