Welcome! I am so glad you are here, embarking on this journey together. This message is to get you acquainted with the space, gain perspective on the intention of this time, and to get an idea of what to expect each day. 


I am a yoga teacher, specializing in children's yoga… but the longer I do this, the more I realize that these lessons are for everyone. Namely, there are lessons on how to re-parent our inner child so that we can 


Different tools and methodologies work for different people on different days. It might be beneficial to you to try each new thing recommended in the daily emails, or it might make more sense to stick with one thing you know works for grounding and tuning in, setting your sights on 



With a growing interest in Astrology, and deepening awareness of how energies of the planets play into our individual and collective lives. These times call for a level of discipline and awareness, to move forward and create with consciousness. There is so much that needs healing, and the possibility for so much beauty ahead of us.



First and foremost, this is a practice of building the muscle of awareness – to consciously hold attention for 21 days. This is an effort to consciously prepare not only for the Great Conjunction and potential energy it contains, but for the coming year, and perhaps even beyond. 



Each morning, an email will arrive to your inbox with 3 main sections (Inner Child Encouragement, Movement & Meditation, and Astrological Aspects) with a bonus section for additional tools you can try, if you have time. 


There is no falling behind – it is all part of the process. Do what you can when you can, and if that is simply connecting with your heart in a conscious way that is enough. 




Spend time considering your own intention for this time. It could be simply being open to what comes up, creating a new rhythm, or something else specific. It could also be unclear in this moment. That is okay! Trust the process, and that your intention will come. 


June 1-5, 10:00am - 12:00pm

Did you know that honey bees dance to communicate with one another? Or that while the well-known honey bee lives in collaborative hives, there are other solitary bees that burrow into the ground? Join us to learn about the science and magic of these important pollinators. From the social structure of the honey and bumble to the solitary nature of wild hole-nesting bees, bees are fascinating creatures!


We will explore ideas of connection to our inner world and connection to the community of students that gather online, all while mindfully practicing ways to be present in body, mind, and breath. By working creatively through art projects to engage the senses,  and embodying practices of yoga, we will create a more in-depth understanding of what it means to Be Present. 

Join us for a week of bees as metaphor to introduce and explore mindfulness meditation concepts in a kid-friendly way. 

Cost: $100/week (discount for siblings)

10% proceeds goes to SAFE Austin