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Information is valuable. David has learned that when paired with an expanded perspective, it can become enlightening!

The Major Arcana of the Tarot, which consists of twenty-two cards, is often referred to as the Journey of the Fool. That journey begins with The Fool (card 0) and ends with The World (card XXI). In the middle, we find The Wheel of Fortune (card X). The Fool is an archetypal representative of each of us; the Journey of the Fool is life.

From another perspective, the Journey of the Fool is from where you are to where you want to be. Here and now, you are where you are. Your past got you here. And yet you still desire more or different and thus a new journey awaits you.

The World can represent the end of the journey and an experience of having it all. We do experience moments on the top of the World, but we don’t ever really arrive there.

The middle of the journey, the Wheel of Fortune, is how we experience life most often. There are ups and downs; the wheel doesn’t stop; time keeps flowing; when we look around us, we see good and bad, better or worse.

The truer difference between the Wheel of Fortune and the World is perspective: not time or distance. In any moment, we can guide our focus toward a perspective which turns the Wheel into the World. The Wheel is a view of life on the surface of the planet, which does contain contrast. Now view our planet from space and it’s hard to see anything but beauty and perfection.

They say knowledge is power; paired with an expanded perspective it becomes even more powerful. And that is why David does what he does. Tarot and Astrology are archetypal tools, which help us shift our perspective.

A birth chart is drawn in a circle—the shape of a wheel. It is a two-dimensional map of the world that surrounded each of us at the moment of birth. We are the center of our own Universe, after all.

As newborns, we are most like the Fool: beautiful, pure love, but seemingly incapable of providing for ourselves. And then our life begins. It takes some time to progress away from the start.


Astrologers learn the language of symbols in order to read the map. However one can view that map like a wheel or a globe. It is easy to see a chart akin to the Wheel of Fortune. It does seem to depict assets and liabilities; harmonies and obstacles; things we innately know and lessons to be learned. Yet one can also view it akin to the World: beautiful, perfect, filled with purpose and potential, and ever changing and evolving toward better and better and better.


David’s intention (his desire paired with his focus) is to help others journey with more joy. He looks for the guidance, the positive, the way things are working out, and the possibilities that abound.


Instead of asking what is likely to happen, he encourages all of us to state what we desire and then ask for guidance in creating it—with more ease and with more joy.

David's Offerings

Family Astrology

If you had insight into the connection between two of your loved ones, do you think it would help you? Have you ever hoped for more understanding of what each needs in terms of love and support?


Life is lived in first person. You see through your eyes, feel through your fingers, and think with your mind. You are the center of your own Universe...and yet we are all here together. Our relationships are a big part of our experience. We all give and receive love differently.


Astrology is a great tool for learning more about yourself, and is also a wonderful tool to gain understanding of others and our relationships with them. For example, three children, born to and raised by the same mother, can have very different relationships with her. Is this an accident?


Astrology helps us see where the connections are stronger and what forms of interaction will flow more naturally. A birth chart encodes our life’s purpose. By comparing charts in specific ways, we can begin to understand the purpose and connection between us.


Intuitive Readings:

I offer Tarot and Astrology Readings for guidance and expanding perspective. 


Tarot Readings

For Tarot, I use two spreads, which I created: The Guided Solution Spread for questions or general readings, and The Relationship Spread for questions where two parties are involved. It is best to prepare questions or subjects of interest, but these do not need to be stated ahead of time. 

30 to 90 minutes for $50-$110


Astrology Readings

There are many techniques within Astrology. It is best to tell me what kind of guidance you seek and I will make recommendations. You can ask about more than just yourself, but it is best to limit the number of people to three or maybe four.

60 to 120 minutes for $120-$175


To read more about Astrology Readings, or book a session with David, visit his personal website: afoolsinclination.com/readings