Hollie Meador

Student of Life

Yoga for Children & Families • Meditation • Artist • Designer • Permaculture • Connector • Humanitarian

Even after all this time the sun never says to the earth, 

"You owe Me."

Look what happens with a love like that, 

It lights the Whole Sky.


Hollie first discovered Yoga in her last semester at the University of Texas. Growing up as a competitive swimmer, health and wellness was always front & center in her life. After retiring as a member of the UT Women's Swim Team, she was able to slow down and explore courses within philosophy and how religion shapes culture. The Philosophy of Yoga opened her eyes to a holistic view of what life can be. Rediscovering swimming as a moving meditation, creating a depth of both body awareness and breathwork, the transition to the practice of Yoga was a natural one.


In 2006, she began working in the marketing department of Yoga Yoga in Austin, where she also completed her 200-hour training in 2009. After growing her family to include two sweet boys, her focus evolved to researching child development. Wishing she had tools of mindfulness as a child, and wanting more tools as a parent, Hollie completed her 97-hour Children's Yoga Training in 2016. Since that time, she has taught children of all ages, developed workshops focused on families building connections, and currently teaches a variety of Family Yoga classes throughout Austin. Her hope is to build self-awareness and confidence with the children in her classes – helping them feel seen, heard & empowered to express themselves – while also creating a safe, supportive community for all families whose paths she crosses. 

Hollie has a degree in Photojournalism from the University of Texas at Austin. She has worked as a graphic designer since 2002, ranging from small design firms, in-house tech, and currently takes on clients as a freelancer (apodiformdesign.com). In 2016 she completed her 75-hr Permaculture Design Course and happily experiments with those lessons in her backyard. She is constantly working to find balance in life, and to stay in the flow of how that shifts throughout the cycles that come and go. 

Additional trainings: 87-hour Trauma-Informed Yoga (2019), 2-hour Introduction to Somatics (2019), 12-hour Walk Your True Path, Methodology and Practice (2019)


(updated June 14, 2021)


Storytime Yoga, 9:00 - 9:45 am

Canceled for this week, June 16th


Kids Yoga, OUTDOOR, 12-1:00 pm

Aikido at Austin Aikikai, 7756 Northcross Dr, Austin, TX 78757

Canceled this week, June 18

Adult Class: Gentle Hatha, 4:30-5:45pm

via Studio Satya (Registration link here)

SUITABLE FOR ALL LEVELS. A restful, calming class including breathing, gentle movements, standing postures, passive and supported poses. This is a perfect beginning yoga class for those working with injury, limited mobility, or who prefer a softer, gentler approach to yoga.


Beginning June 20

Parent & Me Yoga, 11-11:45am

JWSD Dance, 12687 Research Blvd. 78759

Beginner Hatha Yoga, 12-1:00pm

JWSD Dance, 12687 Research Blvd. 78759

10-week sessions, more details + registration links to come

Online & Outdoor Schedule

Summer Camp Offerings


Around the World Adventure

June 28 - July 2, 1:30-3:30pm

In-Person at Aikido at Austin Aikikai, 7756 Northcross Dr

More Details & Link to Registration Here


Bee Present Connection Camp

July 12-16, 1:30-3:30pm

In-Person at Aikido at Austin Aikikai, 7756 Northcross Dr

More Details & Link to Registration Here


Star Child Empowerment Series

July 22, 28, August 5, 12, 1:30-3:30pm

In-Person at Aikido at Austin Aikikai, 7756 Northcross Dr

More Details & Link to Registration Here

Hollie's Offerings


As we continue this transformative journey through 2020 and into 2021, I will continue creating online offerings for children and families. When quarantine first began in March, I responded by converting offerings online right away, and continued through the summer by providing camps and series for children to retain a sense of normalcy and connection. 

Now that we are transitioning to a wide variety of school configurations, I'm finding a need to evolve my offerings again. What I found over the last six months is a need for connection – one that is deeper than previously experienced. While I don't have it all figured out, and don't want to make it seem like yoga can solve everything, I do believe that there are great benefits to moving the body, connecting with the breath, and finding even just a moment of stillness. 

I am open to private virtual lessons, group virtual classes, supportive chat groups (growing that now), and any other way I can serve you and your family. Feel free to read more about offerings below, connect via email, or Instagram. Sending love to you all.

Children's Yoga

Planting seed for the future is often the way I approach Children's Yoga classes. Learning is not linear, and its evidence is not always immediately visible. Often observation is one child's "yoga" while another does every movement and breath – I believe they are both getting exactly what they need. Basically, it's all good. Getting children familiar with concepts of being embodied, finding confidence in their voice, and gaining tools to help build resilience are goals for each class. This is accomplished through working together in a safe, fun environment where I strive to help each child feel seen, heard, and cared for.

Daycare Classes 

For ages 18-months through 5-years-old, these classes offer fun integration of body awareness and breathing exercises through light-hearted play and songs. Ideally, grouped into specific age groups such as 18mo–2yo, 3yo, and Pre-K, each session will include a predictable beginning passing a singing bowl, working with breath, and a similar movement routine (such as Sun Salutations), with additional time for imagination-based play. Adjustments to this process are made for online sessions. 

20-minute sessions per age group, $20 each session

Children's Yoga Classes 

Kids ages 5-11 years old are encouraged to start their yoga journey through learning about yoga poses, working with their breath, playing with opposites to find balance (such as loud/quiet, rigid/soft), and explore some basic yogic philosophies along the way. I value respecting and honoring ones self, while also respecting and honoring the group, and strive to help each child feel seen, heard, and valued. 

Tweens & Teens Yoga Classes 

For kids ages 11-14(ish) years old, these classes are more foundational with attention to alignment in postures and discussion of yoga philosophy... but not as serious as an adult class might be. We begin working with getting more attuned to the inner world, creating time and space for self-reflection. 

Family Yoga Classes 

These classes range from caretakers with crawlers & toddlers, to yoga for every member of the family. No matter which class or age, we will always move our bodies, work with our breath, and find time for connection. I make an effort to always create a safe space so there is a chance for caretakers to tend to themselves, and for children to feel confident expressing who they are.

Storytime Yoga: Storytime Yoga is a 45-minute class reading through a special story together while incorporating movements and songs along the way.  

Mommy & Me: For new moms and babies as young as 6-weeks old, until beginning to crawl or walk. This is a time for sharing, movement, breathing, or simply stillness. The biggest intention is connecting to others and creating a sense of community through the shared experience of this time.


Crawlers & Toddlers: Parent or caretaker with 9-month-olds through 2-year-olds. These classes focus on time for the caretakers while their children are welcome to explore or participate as they would like. We focus on gentle, grounding movements, and connection within. 

Parent & Child: Parent or caretaker with children 2-5 years old. These classes begin with songs and movements, include connecting partner poses, and end with imaginative play that is never the same twice.

Family Yoga: Fun for the whole family! During these classes, we will hold space for families to learn more about themselves individually, each other, and together as a unit. Classes will begin with a sharing circle, will always include body movement, breathing exercises, and will lean on the use of our imaginations, connection games, and will always end with relaxation. 

Private Lessons 

Special one-on-one guidance, to address physical or emotional goals. I will work with the child individually, then we can spend time with the child's caretaker to discuss what we covered during our session, any goals that were set to work on, and any tools or exercises everyone can try to incorporate into their daily lives. Location determined individually.

60-minute sessions (50 minutes of yoga, 10 minutes of caretaker integration), $40 each session (online)


Private Group Classes 

More focused than a public class and a smaller group, this is ideal for 6-8 children at a time. We will go through specific themes such as Positive Mindset, Connection, Finding Balance, or Building Confidence and will include movement, breathwork, games, stories, and creative exploration. 

60-minute sessions, *special pricing available for bundled sessions

After-School Programs

Often children are faced with a long day sitting and not much time moving. With so much static holding of a seated position, curled shoulders, backs, and necks from bending over computers & phones, they need time to find full movement & mobility of their bodies. These classes are focused more on physical movement and breathwork as a way to re-connect with the body while also releasing stress that may have built up through the day. Sessions to include no more than 8 children. 

45-minute sessions, $200 per 12-week session

* sliding-scale pricing available for under-funded schools

Sports Teams

Growing up as a competitive swimmer, I found the idea of stretching to be quite boring. I was already spending 5 hours a day training, and though I knew the benefits I didn't see the point in spending more time doing physical activity. It wasn't until after retiring from the UT Women's Swim Team that I discovered Yoga. The dynamic nature of yoga, which stretches not only the physical body but the mental and emotional bodies, made me quickly realize it would have been an amazing tool – especially in setting a stronger foundation through my younger days. 

These sessions can be done before practice as a warm-up or afterward as a time for recovery, and intensity can be adjusted depending on timing within the sport's season. We will spend time moving the body in appropriate ways for each sport, focus on breathwork, include a short savasana, as well as time for a guided meditation or visualization. 

Pricing customized per group, depending on size, frequency, ect.  ​

Birthday Parties 

Yoga themed party or not, yoga can always add something to the celebration! This specialized session can be adjusted to suit the theme of the party, or can be the highlight of a Yoga-Themed party. These sessions can be done socially distanced, or online.  

30-45 minute session,

Online: $40

In-person (socially distanced): $60