Lindsay Lee

Embodiment Coach

Yoga • Meditation • Kindergarten Teaching • Consultant/Educator • Dancer • Tea Pourer • Peace-Maker • BEing

Lindsay's love of education has taken many forms throughout her journey. It has usually involved children, and always her passions. 


While in college for dance and theatre, and for a few years after, Lindsay was a children’s dance and theatre instructor and nanny. She loved to witness children’s love of movement and expression. Her creative abilities were harnessed for choreography, and movement exploration facilitation. 


After a few years in that realm, Lindsay decided to join forces with the public school system and became a kindergarten teacher. She loved the relationships she was able to develop with children and their families in this environment. Although there was a state mandated academic curriculum to teach, she was most passionate about social/emotional learning, and teaching her students about relating to themselves, each other, and the world around them. Lindsay has since become very passionate about education reform and alternative ways of supporting a child’s growth and learning. 


During her time as a public school teacher Lindsay discovered yoga. She began her journey with meditation, and asana. As her love of yoga grew, she knew she had to share it with her students so she got her Children’s Yoga Teaching Certificate. It wasn’t until a couple years later that she did her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. 


Throughout this time Lindsay also remained connected to her inner dancer. She had grown up doing ballet, and danced in a junior ballet company. She also did tap, modern, jazz, east coast swing, lindyhop, west coast swing, and a little bit of salsa. Towards the end of her career in the public school system Lindsay lived by herself for the second time. And in the safe cocoon of her own little apartment discovered her unique inner dance for the first time. Through this she felt she started to drop the form, rules, and techniques that society and stylized dance put on her body. Her creativity and connection to her own body deepened as she began to drop the outside programmings she had taken on. 


Soon after, Lindsay discovered the magic of Chinese tea, the gong fu cha style of tea service, and the practice of presence that it embodies. As she got more connected to the tea, and the unique felt chi of every tea plant, she became more attuned to subtle energies in her body. 


The more Lindsay grew in her spiritual, yoga, tea, and embodiment practices the more disillusioned she became with the school system. After 6 years as a public school teacher, she was drawn to start something she could really feel in integrity with, and good about. She started teaching yoga and meditation to children and adults, tutoring pre-K and kindergarten students one on one, guiding centering and creative movement sessions, and founded The Embodiment Center (a network of embodied practitioners). 


“Embodiment” is a keyword found in Lindsays vocabulary and way of being. To her, embodiment is the awareness, presence, and/or engagement of the inner world. Being embodied means being present with all sensation, and accepting/allowing of all states, in one's physical body. It is placing consciousness inside. Embodiment, is the awareness of the whole physical body all at once. Our body has a universe of inner wisdom to offer us if we can just hone our listening and be open to experimenting and presence. Lindsay wonders what her life would have been like if she grew up using these tools consciously, and is therefor passionate about offering this to young learners, as well as the young at heart.