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Mercy Joy Barber

A Family Well-Being Consultant

Austin Holistic Postpartum Doula Care • Ayurveda • Meditation • Yoga • Reiki • Flower Essences • Author

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

Albert Einstein

Mercy has had a lifelong fascination with the children & the concept of well-being. Having a mother who preached nutrition & a father who worked in physics laid a foundational desire to understand how all layers of existence co-create harmony or disharmony from conception on. Her love of babies inspired her to start a babysitting business at the age of twelve & she worked as a nanny until she had children of her own. Birth trauma at the age of 19 opened her to the healing benefits of yoga & meditation, eventually leading her to study Ayurveda, Reiki, & flower essences. These practices have been immense pillars of well-being for her & her family. As a mother of 3 & grandmother of 2 she has witnessed the profound effect this knowledge had on the rearing of happy, healthy people. Mercy is passionate about empowering families from their genesis! Her work as a postpartum doula allows families to navigate the sacred 4th trimester with confidence & to lay the foundation for strong, loving family bonds that last a lifetime. She loves sharing holistic wisdom that empowers parents as they evolve their own unique parenting style. 


Mercy is certified through Austin Baby Guru and is a member of the Central Texas Doula Association. She’s also certified through the Chopra Center as a Perfect Health Ayurvedic Lifestyle consultant, teaches Ayurveda for Family Well-Being workshops, and is currently working on a 300-hr. certification through the American Institute of Vedic Studies. Other certifications include yoga, prenatal yoga, Reiki, flower essences, & CPR. Children have been the focus of her life & inspired her to write her first book, Star Child as a unique way to seed a meditation practice with little people.


Mercy believes wellbeing is a birthright & knowledge of self is the way…

Mercy's Offerings


Evolutionary Parenting: Through the Lens of Ayurveda Parenting Workshop & Private Consultations:

Have you ever noticed your children are custom made? Not a single one is born alike! Each one has their own unique combination of qualities & attributes. The science of Ayurveda is an over 5000 year old system of living & healing. It categorizes our mental & physical constitutions to provide us with a deeper understanding of who we are, as well as who our children are at fundamental levels. Here we will discuss the basics of Ayurveda & how to apply them for your family’s well-being.


More Information Here » Chopra Center



Postpartum Doula Services:


Why would you benefit from the service of  a postpartum doula?


After your baby is born there is an incredibly special window in which your most important job is falling in love & bonding with your new human being. The foundation of the relationship you will have with this new little person for the rest of your lives is being formed. This transitional time is filled with so many new experiences physically, mentally, & emotionally. It’s a lot to process. Having experienced support to answer questions about newborn care & feedings, make nourishing meals, etc., allows you to spend more time getting to know your baby with confidence & ease.


As nature would have it, this is also a time of radical rebalancing for a mother’s body. Mom has just spent 40 weeks with hormones on high, grown a temporary organ as well as a human being, & given birth. Whew! The fourth trimester is a time to rest & reset. We have these miraculous bodies that know exactly how to heal. All we have to do is pause, relax and let the body recover. I know, I know, this can be easier said than done especially if you have other children or a demanding job; however, if we push ourselves by overexerting during this time, then we don’t heal properly. This may seed other health conditions that become chronic down the road. Ayurveda has a saying,”40 days for 40 years.” In other words 40 days of rejuvenation gives us the energy & ability to mother from a place of well-being for the next 40 years. Since we are in major rejuvenation mode postpartum we can actually gain greater health than we had pre pregnancy if we work in harmony with natural cycles. As a postpartum doula with a background including other holistic healing modalities, I can nurture you with soothing therapies that encourage your body to rebalance properly.

It is my intention to help you adjust to the many changes and challenges you may encounter while falling in love with your new baby. I provide non-medical physical & emotional support so those challenges feel less overwhelming, parenting confidence blossoms, and your newborn family bonds & thrives.


My services are tailored to fit your family’s needs. They include the following (details & pricing below):


Emotional support and guidance

Feeding/Breastfeeding support

Holistic Newborn care guidance including how to massage your newborn

Light housekeeping (baby laundry, dishes, etc)


Overnight visits

Telephone support for any questions or concerns

Herbal foot baths

Mother & Baby Reiki

Postnatal yoga

Meditation support

Flower essences


Daytime services are available 5 days a week.

Overnight services available up to 4 times a week. (Home visit required prior to signing)


Day Time Postpartum Support

$120 for a 4 hour session of care

(extra hours may be added at $30 hourly)

Overnight Postpartum Support

$290 (10pm-6am)

Overnight Package

$800 (3 nights)


Ayurvedic Postpartum Package


(8, 4-hour visits)

Ayurvedic Wisdom consultation

1 Night of Overnight Care

Herbal foot baths

Mother & Baby Reiki session


Add ons (by Donation):

Herbal Foot Bath

Mother & Baby Reiki session

Private Postnatal Yoga


Mother & Child Energy (Reiki) Sessions:


A sacred bond exists between mothers & their children. One that is formed the moment of conception & continues to evolve as we move through time. We, as mothers, have an innate intuition around those we carry in our womb. We recognize their unique soul signature & know when they are in alignment or out of alignment, sick or well.


The first indicator that physical illness may be on the horizon is a lower emotional state. Since we are multidimensional beings (spirit, mind, & body) it’s imperative that we address & balance all fields holistically. By treating ourselves and our children with subtle catalysts for healing we maintain the integrity of our delicate system, one that is self healing in its very nature.


I take a unique approach and work with mothers & children simultaneously as there is an intricate connection between the two. I specialize in working with pregnant & postpartum mothers. Although I love to work with children of all ages, as well as teens. (I taught teen yoga for many years.)


Each session will look differently depending on the age & disposition of the child or mother.


A Session Includes:


1) A custom flower essence tincture will be given in at the beginning & end of the each session.

The remainder of the bottle will go home with you as well. Flower essences have been safely used for thousands of years & are appropriate for beings of all ages & conditions. They hold the subtlest nature of the flowers & they work remarkably well with our mental/emotional guidance system. Each flower has a unique vibration that works directly by imprinting our consciousness. Essences are made by placing freshly snipped organic flowers in a crystal bowl of pure water, which is then placed in the sunshine. The sun activates the release of the flower’s healing properties into the water.


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The  flower essences I create contain an additional healing component, water from a sacred well in Glastonbury, England. This charged water flows from a potent energetic vortex created where two ley lines intersect.


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2) We will work through the subtle energetic layers with Reiki & crystals to clear any blockages & restore the flow of vital energy. Energy carries fundamental information throughout the body/mind.

On a physical level this information essentially programs the behavior of our cells. Since new cells are being formed in every moment it’s incredibly important that energy & information flow freely. Energy work is incredibly soothing & balancing for our mental/emotional state as well which is incredibly important since our thoughts & emotions directly impact our physical health. Emotions are an expression of what energy we are presently carrying. As human beings, adults & children, we all have negative emotions from time to time. With that, if you are noticing an elongated period or repeat pattern of negative emotion either in yourself or your child, then it’s time to recalibrate. Reiki is a beautiful tool for resetting. If we choose not to address the subtle feedback, & sometimes not so subtle feedback, our emotions are providing  then that discordant energy starts to feed into uncomfortable physical conditions. However, if we quell the building emotions by consciously working with the energies causing them then we bring ourselves back into balance.


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