The Star Child Generation is the co-collaboration project of Mercy Joy Barber and Hollie Meador. A beautiful relationship blossomed between these two, stemming from conversations spanning from motherhood to holistic well-being to the meaning of life.
When Mercy began searching for a way to give wings to her first book the stars aligned for Hollie to help with design. They set an intention to only work on this project when they were feeling inspired... and pause when they weren’t, since they are advocates for work life balance. Enlisting the artistic help of Mercy's daughter Zoe, the project naturally & organically unfolded to create what is now their first book, Star Child. ​
Star Child is a unique introduction to the topics of meditation & Law of Attraction. We live in a time where children receive a barrage of outside stimulus pulling them in many directions. Providing them the tool of meditation allows them to be centered and cultivates their inner guidance so they can more easily make life choices that serve their highest & greatest good. To understand Law of Attraction is to understand our emotions as a feedback system of our thoughts, yet another important tool in the process of developing self awareness. ​
These two are not stopping at writing just one book and calling the journey done! Their vision for bringing these messages into the world continues to evolve and grow. Many new projects are in the works, visions for new ways to bring families together continue to ignite their imaginations, and they are finding more & more alignment with others who share a similar mission in life. As these new relationships grow, the overall vision for the Star Child Generation is thriving along with it.
The Star Child Generation network of collaborators is listed below will update as new connections are forged. The future is bright, friends. 



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