We are excited to bring Star Child and its lessons of Meditation and The Law of Attraction to schools, studios,& festivals!
Please read below for our list of current opportunities including Yoga, Family Workshops, Energy Sessions, and Astrology Readings. 
A sacred bond exists between mothers & their children. One that is formed the moment of conception & continues to evolve as we move through time. We, as mothers, have an innate intuition around those we carry in our womb. We recognize their unique soul signature & know when they are in alignment or out of alignment, sick or well. 
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Take a journey through the Star Child Book with the author and illustrator! Appropriate for young children and their families. Book signing to follow.
Join Mercy and Hollie in a fun and interactive experience. Journey through a reading of their book Star Child, interlaced with yoga and meditation. Followed by book signing. (1.25 hours)
During this workshop we will hold space for families to learn more about themselves individually, each other, and together as a unit. We will begin with a book reading and short connection exercise, then separate into groups of kids and parents for specialized practices.
While the kids explore their breath & body through an energetic yoga practice combined with games and relaxation with Hollie, parents will have an opportunity to learn more about who their child is as a unique, multidimensional individual. In Evolutionary Parenting: Through the Lens of Ayurveda, Mercy will discuss how to create balance & well-being for the whole family.
After a small break we will come back together to re-connect, and join in a restorative session coupled with led meditation.  (2.5 hours; appropriate for most children, ages 4 & up; special requests for younger children accpeted)

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Yoga is one of the greatest tools we have for learning more about our bodies, our minds, our breath, and connecting with our inner emotional world. The earlier we can make friends with our emotions, understand how our bodies communicate with us, and learn tools that bring us back to feeling good, the brighter our lights can shine in the world.
In Children's Yoga classes kids can expect to move their bodies, get silly & use their imaginations, be challenged to consider themselves and others, play games, explore the breath, try meditation, and get exposed to age-appropriate themes that weave Yoga philosophy in fun & interesting ways. 
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Life is lived in first person. You see through your eyes, feel through your fingers, and think with your mind. You are the center of your own Universe...and yet we are all here together. Our relationships are a big part of our experience. We all give and receive love differently.

Astrology is a great tool for learning more about self, and is also a wonderful tool to gain understanding of others and our relationships with them. For example, three children, born to and raised by the same mother, can have very different relationships with her. Is this an accident?

If you had insight into the connection between two of your loved ones, do you think it would help you? Have you ever hoped for more understanding of what each needs in terms of love and support?

Astrology helps us see where the connections are stronger and what forms of interaction will flow more naturally. A birth chart in part encodes our life’s purpose. By comparing charts in specific ways, we can begin to understand the purpose and connection between us.

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