Meditation PSA


It would be wise for us to start having more conversations about the intelligence of our bodies.

Right now there is a lot of focus on the physicality of our bodies & this virus. However; there is so much more going on with our systems. We are multidimensional, as demonstrated by the fact that we have a mind (mental body) and emotions (emotional body), etc.

The mental body, our thoughts, effect & affect the way our physical body responds. Although this has been said throughout time by the oldest & wisest of ancient wisdom teachings, we now have the science to back up this knowledge. We all understand the placebo effect right? That’s just one small example.

Our emotional body is the feedback system between our whole consciousness (the intelligent system that coordinates the billions of functions our body carries out each second) & our mind.

Let’s call our consciousness the Big Picture & our mind, the Little Picture. The Big Picture knows exactly how to help our bodies transmute viruses, just as it knows how to heal our wounds or grow a baby, etc.

All we have to do is practice keeping the connection of our Big Picture to our Little Picture open, AKA...meditation! 💡

So let’s practice meditation as part of self care. Even if you’ve never meditated, it’s a great time to learn. Here are a few tips...

#1) Ya don’t need to spend that much time to get beautiful results. 10 minutes will work! But who the F* are we kidding, we’ve got nothing but time on our hands these days so feel free to do it for longer or more often 😄

#2) Don’t try to immediately quiet your mind.

Uh, What?? Isn’t that the goal? 🤔No, in this case we are going to redirect our thoughts to the amazing nature of our body and amplify our healing energy. (Yes, I used the word “energy”. Scientifically speaking, energy is the force that moves things through us. So we are gonna use “the force”.)

#3) When you close your eyes start by thanking your body for its service 🙏🏼

Here you may be thinking,”Wow, this sounds like some namby, pamby fairy Bullsh*t.” But no, it’s not, you wouldn’t be living if your body wasn’t cooperating so go on a mental rampage of appreciation of your body’s parts, systems, etc. (i.e. “Thank you heart for circulating my blood & delivering oxygen to my cells). This also puts you in a state of gratitude which allows more energy to flow.

#4) Imagine every atom in your body exploding with the brightest, most brilliant light you’ve ever seen.

Think of the way a diamond sparkles here, reflecting all of the colors of the light spectrum. Why are we doing this? Because in the quantum world information is transmitted by light. You will be conducting more strengthening & healing information to your cells. ✨

#5) Any way you use your imagination here to visualize energy flowing through your body is the right way.

You can’t get this wrong. If you have a kid handy, ask them for advice. They are brilliant in the land of visualization. They may have you shooting rainbows out your bottom but go with it because laughter & happiness keep the good vibes flowing 🙌🏽🌈💜✨

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