2019 Austin Summer Camps!

Excited to share summer camps with Hollie, taking place in June and July, through Yoga Yoga and Big Heart ATX.

In June, she will lead Be a Superhero at Yoga Yoga North, June 10-14 from 1-4pm. A yoga-inspired, hero & heroine’s journey! Learn about the super powers of the chakras through stories, playacting, writing and crafts. This adventure will bring out the hero in all, working together playing yoga games and cooperating with new friends in partner poses. Join in and discover your inner Yogi Powers! Register here »

In July, there are two offerings through Big Heart ATX, a new alt-ed enrichment collaboration with fellow homeschooling mom Tammy Mabra.

In Bee Present Connection Camp, we will learn about the science and magic of these important pollinators. From the social structure of the honey and bumble to the solitary nature of wild hole-nesting bees — for whom we will build a bee hotel — bees are fascinating creatures! We’ll work creatively with bees wax to engage the senses and explore the dance of the honey bees, along with themes of communication, connection, cooperation, and kinship, through story and movement. We’ll also use bees as metaphor to introduce and explore mindfulness meditation concepts in a kid-friendly way.

As part of the Star Child Power Camp, the group will be exploring the cosmos, both in the universe “out there" and the one that lies within. Throughout the week we will explore our inner worlds through yoga and meditation games, bringing attention to how there is an entire inner landscape to explore. This idea will be paired with setting our sights on the stars in the sky, where we will look at how ancient civilizations thought about the stars, learn about how sailors use the map of the skies to guide their way across the open seas, and participate in activities involving the sun and the constellations.

There is potential for additional offerings throughout the summer, so stay tuned!

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