Who are Star Children?

They are the next evolution in the human race. While we normally do have generational differences, at this juncture in time we are experiencing an acceleration of frequencies, higher vibrations, that the children of now are riding in. If you are a parent or grandparent it’s easy to see that the little people of today are filled with wonder & wisdom. Not only are they asking the questions and questioning the answers, they are responding with their own brilliant answers.

They bring with them new perspectives on old issues. As caretakers we must be aware of what we are projecting because indoctrination to our beliefs can happen. This is why re-evaluation of what our beliefs are and if they are serving ourselves and humanity is requisite once these little beings show up in our life. Since our actions and behaviors influence their worldview from the beginning, it’s necessary to provide them with an environment of love, understanding and acceptance in order for them to reach their greatest potential.

These children are teachers to their core. They will hold us accountable to the highest integrity. Ultimately, they are coming in programmed to elevate humanity by replacing the archaic, outdated systems that serve few to ones that serve all, and to replace mechanistic world views of disconnectedness with ones of Interconnectedness. Creating harmony and raising the planetary consciousness is their purpose of which they will carry out in very diverse and unique ways.

They have an intrinsic appreciation of the natural world and thrive with holistic care. Their sensitivity requires a new way of being emotionally and physically cared for, as well as educated. Paradoxically, ancient sciences such as Ayurveda and Astrology fall into the category of “new” to the modern world. They teach us how to recognize, categorize and understand valuable information about each unique individual. This ancient knowledge allows us to be more present, confident, and compassionate as parents. It takes much of the guesswork out of caring for your people, helping to lessen stress and ease the process of raising happy, healthy, empowered beings.

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