Why Flower Essences?

Flower essences have safely been used for healing purposes for thousands of years. From ancient cultures to the modern day, there has been knowledge of these subtle energies and how they have the ability to align us with our highest healing potentials. They work particularly well with the emotional body, which is the link between the mind and the physical body.

There is a sequence that unfolds in the creation process. First, we have a thought. Next, our emotions express the frequency of the thought, then as the vibration begins to expand in our field, physical manifestations begin to show. Dr. Edward Bach, the creator of Bach remedies, would see patients time and time again. Although they would return with different ailments, he observed they had pervasive mental/emotional states that kept them unwell. Once he started treating them with flower essences, he noticed a shift within them which led them to a state of wellbeing.

These tinctures often bring clarity around root causes. In many cases they help us address and process underlying subconscious patterns in order to help us grow. Our needs vary according to the severity or duration of issues. In moments where we are having just mild emotional fluctuations, flower essences tend to work quickly. When we are working through deeply seeded or chronic issues, they tend to work more slowly as healing happens in layers. They also work profoundly in times of transition.

Flowers have the ability to heal us in multidimensional ways. What do we intuitively do when someone is unwell? We bring them flowers because they are naturally uplifting. When flowers are processed by pressing, as is the case with essential oils, they become especially pleasing to our sense of smell or sometimes taste. This is healing in it’s own right. When they are processed through imbibing, they balance and heal us through sympathetic resonance.

So just how are flower essences created? Organic flowers are snipped from the plant and are immediately placed in water, usually spring water. Then they are allowed to steep in the sun. During the steeping, the flowers imprint their unique healing properties into the water which is then bottled and preserved, in most cases with brandy. These infusions contain no physical traces of the plants. They work energetically instead of biochemically. If you are familiar with Dr. Masaru Emoto, then you perhaps understand water’s ability to absorb and store quantifiable information. You can find more about that here:




One of the many wonderful things about flower essences is that they are completely safe for people of all ages, as well pets. They are free from side effects. Because of their vibrational nature they dissipate easily if they are not needed. Let’s say for example you are feeling overwhelmed and you take a formula that has multiple flowers that treat other issues, too. Those other flowers will simply be deactivated and released.

These subtle but effective formulas work beautifully with babies and children. We are born to the planet as highly sensitive beings. Therefore, it makes the most sense to start treating our children with the most gentle modalities possible in times of need. Babies arrive and immediately start having new experiences. They have bodies that are adjusting to breathing air, digesting food, and assimilating a multitude of other sensory stimuli. They have thoughts, and emotions they have no idea how to control. They are in an environment that is completely different from the comfortable womb they just emerged from. Everything is an unknown. New life definitely has its fair share of fear, discomfort, and insecurity. Flower essences help ease this transition into being human.

Children in general haven’t had time to develop as much resistance as adults, nor have they usually had as much exposure to other intense medicines. As parents, when we observe and treat our kiddos holistically – mind, body, and spirit – we condition those little bodies to intrinsically reach for homeostasis without requiring harsher methods. Flower essences are exceptionally helpful with children by allowing them to move through phases without getting stuck in repeat patterns. Teenagers thrive with the use of flower essences, as well. There’s a lot to figure out in the decade between being a child and being an adult. They can use the support of flower essences as they tune into their own inner wisdom and guidance while blossoming into the people they are destined to become.

Now more than ever, we are realizing the importance of self care. There are so many modern day stressors triggering us mentally, emotionally, and physically that we are reaching for healthier ways to form a balance. Treating ourselves and our children holistically leads to a greater understanding of the nature of imbalance, and how to correct it. The therapeutic use of flower essences is being adopted in greater numbers as we are beginning to make the correlations between mind, body, and wellbeing. These essences are truly a gift from nature and a wonderful addition to any holistic care toolbox.

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