Specially formulated to vibrationally support mamas as they process birth & adjust to their new role in motherhood. It’s emotional. We’re here for you. 







Red Chestnut

Rock Rose

Star of Bethlehem

Water Violet

Star Magnolia


Trinity of the Holy Thorn

Cannabis Sativa


Prevsered with Organic Apple BrandyPreserved



4 Drops in water or other fluid, or directly under the tongue up to 3 or 4 times daily

until the bottle is gone.


.5oz bottle

New Mama Blend

  • *Cannabis? Yes, Cannabis is one of the flower energies in some of our blends. As all flowers do, the Cannabis flower has much to offer. The gifts of the cannabis flower remind us of the joy in life, connect us to our creativity, and broaden our perspective of life so we don’t take everything so seriously. 

    The thing to remember here is that flower essences contain no physical traces of the plants. They work vibrationally instead of biochemically. The energetic information in the flower is transferred into  water via the sun so no physical parts of the flowers are in the essences. 

    ** If you are one recovering from substance abuse or have another aversion to Cannabis or Brandy, which is the preservative for the essences, that’s ok. The psychological effect of putting something in your body that you have fear around will negate the purpose and may even give you anxiety. 

    That’s not what we’re about! So we have options for you. You may choose essences sans the Cannabis or preserved with Apple Cider Vinegar.