All of the Star Child products are created with the intention of helping everyone be their best – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and energetically.


Star Child Flower Essence Collection

Star Child essences are made with only the purest ingredients. We know every detail matters, that’s why we spent years searching for the components that contain the highest vibrational frequencies for healing.

The spring water we use is bottled in glass and comes from an Ouchita mountain spring surrounded by thousands of acres of protected forest. It nestles up to one of the largest underground crystal deposits in the world. Crystals have a purifying and harmonizing effect on the earth around it. In fact, crystals have an equally balancing effect on our bodies and that is why we charge the water with crystals before anything else is added.


The flower essences we incorporate into our blends are immaculately sourced, some of which come from power nodes around the planet. Some come from England. There is a well in Glastonbury which sits atop the intersection of two highly charged ley lines, one masculine and one feminin. This well has been the source of healing waters for thousands of years. We are grateful to be able to incorporate this energy for you. 

Other flowers come from Peru or Hawaii, well known for transformational healing energies in their own right. And, other essences we make from local flowers right here in Austin, TX. 


The traditional preservative for flower essences is brandy. Therefore, we’ve scouted out a Wisconsin farm that is dedicated to healing the land with organic farming. They produce a beautifully crafted, organic apple brandy made in small batches with care. This is why we have chosen their brandy as the preservative of our special essences.